Why do some people always have to find a conflict between faith and science?

I recently posted a link to my facebook account in which I simply wanted to call attention to an amazing scientific discovery I stumbled upon during my morning readings of the world news.  In brief, it showed our place in the universe and how mind-numblingly big it is and how humblingly small we are.  I highly recommend you look at the article, and especially watching the short video in this article … it’s absolutely stunning. You can find them at http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/sep/03/milky-way-laniakea-galaxy-supercluster-immeasurable-heaven

But as always seems to be the case when I find science-related articles on the web, this one too was very quickly commented upon by Christians denouncing the science, or atheists making cheap shots at people of faith who might denounce it.  This is especially true when the subject has to do with biological topics that touch on evolution, fossils, genetics et cetera.

Do faith and science always HAVE to be in conflict?

Do we have to always choose between one or the other?

A lot of this antagonism is a result of a literal reading of the Bible, as if it was another science book. Should we allow the Bible to determine how we interpret scientific discoveries? Or can we allow for the fact that it was written by pre-modern authors (albeit with divine inspiration)?

What do you think?


One thought on “Why do some people always have to find a conflict between faith and science?

  1. i love science luke even love the sci-fi that comes with it…movies ..tv..etc….science how ever looses me when they throw away the scientific method and skip straight to conclusion because its the answe to a question that someoone wants it to be a certain way….science to is like a hammer…a tool to use to do things with every day…to help in understanding how photosynthesis works but as far as things like multiple universes go…gimme a break…like the richard dawkins of this world would say about the bible or about god…where is the proof?


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