1st book

Do you feel you have to compartmentalize your reading of the Old Testament, particularly Genesis, and your reading of today’s newspaper?

Do you know anyone else who struggles with reconciling the two?

A student in college or university trying to make sense of their faith in the modern context?

both covers for website

9 chapters
210 pages
fully indexed

general synopsis: click here

available at www.Amazon.com for only $8.49, plus shipping, and get it in a matter of days. (or if you’re in my vicinity, contact me and we’ll see if I can get it to you without the shipping charges)

electronic / Kindle version also available at www.amazon.ca for $0.99


7 thoughts on “1st book

  1. Hey Luke,

    This looks fascinating. I’m curious to see what you’ve got to say on the subject. I intend to stop by for a coffee the next time I’m passing through Hamilton to visit family. I’ll warn you so you can have a copy on hand.


  2. If I’ve already read your 2nd book, do I need to go back and read your 1st book, or have I pretty well covered the material already? Is there anything significantly different in your 1st book?


    • The first book is in a way an autobiographical story of how I went from traditional Fundamentalism to a different form of Christianity which is compatible with the rest of the real world, particularly science. There is some overlap between the two, but the second really dives into the deep end of the question of human origins, while the first one tries to keep it less scientific and covers many other big conflicts with that Fundamentalist view. If your biggest question is about human origins, then the 2nd book is all you need for that. That having been said, thanks for your interest in my writing!

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  3. Thanks for your response. My biggest questions are around integrating the findings of science into Christian theology in general, so I think I’ll give your first book a shot too.


  4. I am also interested in obtaining a Kindle version of your book in the US. The Amazon.ca link won’t allow purchases for people in the US and the Kindle version is not available on Amazon.com.


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