Questions addressed

What do other people think about the Creation story?
Should I stop asking questions, or just believe?
How do I reconcile the Genesis account of creation with the theories of the Big Bang and Darwinian evolution?
Why does it look like things evolved slowly, but the Bible describes a very different process and time-line?
Should I read the Bible like a science book and/or history book?
Faith versus fact? Scripture versus science? Darwinism or Design?
What happened at t=0?
Would God use naturalistic processes?
Does a naturalistic explanation diminish God?
Was there death before the Fall?
Were there 6 creation days lasting 24 hours each?
Should science be used to help interpret the Bible?
What about incest?
Faith versus fact? Scripture versus science? Darwinism or Design?
How do you explain the origin of the universe? of life? of species?
Do theists base their view solely on faith, while atheists base theirs solely on fact?
If science can’t explain it, then it must be God, right?
Can the incredible complexity of things be an accident?
How can you be a scientist and a believer?
What do I do with the Biblical story of Adam living 6,000 years ago, versus the scientific evidence for a much longer human history?
How do I reconcile the image of God I see in the OT with a very different image of God portrayed in the life of Jesus?
Was the human race founded by a single pair of humans: Adam and Eve?
Did they live 6,000 years ago? Were they special creations, or descendants of other hominid species?
If Adam is fictitious, then is Jesus also myth?
What about ‘cavemen’ and Neanderthals?
What about the other world religions?
Is one religion right, or more right than others?
Will God damn people forever to hell if they’ve never heard of Jesus or the gospel?
Were Adam and Eve really the first people?
Was there a Garden of Eden?
Was there a specific tree?
Was it an apple? And a snake?
Are all people cursed because of something Adam and Eve did?
What is ‘original sin’?
Does Genesis three provide a literal description of actual history?
Will God really send so many basically good people to an eternal hell?
Would God send people to hell just because they didn’t know Jesus?
How did we get the Bible?
Are ‘the Bible’ and ‘God’s word’ the same thing?
Isn’t all scripture inspired and given to us by God himself?
Who wrote Genesis? The Pentateuch? The Bible?
Infallibility and inerrancy of scripture?
Can we call into question the wording of scripture?
What’s the danger in reading Genesis in a less literal light?
What’s the danger in reading Genesis too literally?
What do I believe now?
Why do I, as a scientist in Western society during the 21st century still leave the life of Jesus ‘on the table’?
Are you throwing out the Bible?
How can an all-loving and all-powerful God allow so much suffering in this world?

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