Podcast Archive

A podcast for people who were once very comfortable in their Christian faith … until the 21st century intruded and made it very hard to keep on believing.

A podcast for people who are intrigued by science, philosophy, world history, and even world religions …. and want to rationalize that with their Christian theology.

And a podcast for those people who found that’s just not possible … and yet there’s still a small part of them that … … won’t let it go.

Series 1 A brief introduction to our podcast

  • 01/22/20 – S1 E1 – This inaugural episode is the introduction to our new pod-cast, informing you about our motives, agenda, and academic credentials, as well as giving a sneak peak into the two series of episodes which will follow. The announcement is so stupendous, this single episode merits its own series!?

Series 2 Reaching into Plato’s Cave A fuller introduction to the two podcast hosts and the spiritual journeys which motivated them to collaborate in a rescue mission … reaching into the cave of Evangelicalism.

  • 01/25/20 – S2 E1 Luke’s Story – Deconstruction Luke describes the first half of his journey in which three things  — science, uncomfortable morality and ethics in the Old Testament, and world religions  — kept eroding his Christian faith to the point that it finally became too hard to hang on to it.
  • 02/25/20 – S2 E2 Luke’s Story – Reconstruction In the second half of his story, Luke describes why he didn’t go the whole way in becoming an atheist when his Christian faith became too uncomfortable to hang on to, but instead found a new Christian faith that was much more compatible with the 21st century.
  • 02/25/20 – S2 E3 Boyd’s story Boyd Blundell describes his journey through Christian faith, including the experiences which seriously challenged the traditional form that he grew up with, and which now motivate hm to present a faith that evolved through facing those challenges.

Series 3 The soul and the afterlife A series of episodes taken from Luke’s third book Soul-searching: The evolution of JudeoChristian thinking on the soul and the afterlife

  • 02/29/20 – S3 E1 Introduction to Soul&Afterlife Luke and Boyd ask a variety of people their spontaneous thoughts to “Where is the soul, and what does it do?” and then set up the next several episodes that will unpack this in greater detail.
  • 02/29/20 – S3 E2 A stroll through Biblical history Tracing the role that global superpowers  — Sumerians, Akkadians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and modern science  — have had on JudeoChristian thinking.
  • 02/06/20 – S3 E3 Science of the Bible: Divine or human? Before we look at what the Bible has to say about the soul, we take a look at how the Biblical authors obtained their scientific understanding on things in general.
  • 02/13/20 – S3 E4 What does the Bible say about humans having a body and a soul? Tracing our way through Hebrew history as they unpack this question in response to the civilizations they encounter.
  • 02/20/20 – S3 E5 Problems with substance dualism What are the problems that scientists and philosophers have with the idea of an immaterial soul?
  • (in production — stay tuned) – S3 E6 A non-reductionist alternative for the human soul
  • (in production — stay tuned) – S3 #7 The afterlife

Series 4 “The loose threads” A deeper dive into some of the questions and concepts raised in Series 3 which merit a closer look.

  • (in production — stay tuned) Evangelicalism and the gospel
  • (in production — stay tuned) Chronological snobbery, phenomenology, and the science of the Bible
  • (in production — stay tuned) Fine-tuning of the universe
  • (in production — stay tuned) Intelligent Design
  • (in production — stay tuned) Consciousness, mind, personality, soul
  • (in production — stay tuned) Original sin and Atonement Theology